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By: Hex Diagnostics  11-11-2011
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Turn your PC or mobile phone into a powerful fault-finding tool.

GS-911 is a Diagnostic Tool for BMW Motorcycles - a specialized tool consisting of an intelligent electronic interface in combination with Windows software. Also available is mobile software for most mobile phones, including Blackberry.. This in particular makes the tool portable enough to take on any trip.

But Why?
Imagine for a moment you had a short-circuit in one of your ignition coils. The BMS-K (engine controller) will protect itself by switching off the power to the injectors, ignition coils etc.. This means No Fuel and No Spark.. and without it, your motorcycle is not going anywhere.. If only you had a GS-911.. Reading the fault codes would show you the following:
  • Fuse Activated for Component Block 3 (Injectors, Ignition Coils, Immo (EWS) reader coil and starter relay)

Guess where you should start fault-finding ?..

Whether you're a techno-geek or an über-adventurer

Imagine being somewhere in-between nowhere and the end of the earth.. Try as you may, it just won't start.. Sure you can phone someone.. "Just take the 7th turn-off to the left, after the large Baobab tree, past the third river-crossing.." (if you still have reception, then you haven't traveled far enough) Wouldn't it be nice to have an idea of where to start fault-finding?

What models does it cover?

HP2 Enduro, HP2 Megamoto, R1200GS, R1200GS Adventure, R1200RT, R1200R, R1200ST, R1200S, R1200S HP2
R1200C, R1200CL, (single- & twin-spark on all models)
R1150GS/Adventure, R1150RT, R1150R, R1150RS (single- & twin-spark on all models)
R1100S (single- & twin-spark)
R850C, R850R, R850RT

K1300GT, K1300R, K1300S
K1200GT, K1200R, K1200R Sport, K1200S, K1200LT (non-CAN), K1200GT (non-CAN), K1200RS

F800S, F800ST, F800GS
F650GS (2008+ 2 cylinder)
F650GS, F650GS/Dakar, F650CS (single- & twin-spark on all models)

C1, C1-200

G650 XChallenge, G650 XCounty, G650 XMoto


R1100GS, R1100R, R1100RS, R1100RT,
R850GS, R850R (with 3-pin port), R850RT (with 3-pin port)

K1100LT, K1100RS

    What systems does it cover?

    This depends on the bike model, but in general we cover the following:

    • Engine controller (BMS-K, BMS-KP, BMS-C, BMS-CII, MA2.4, KMS-K16)
    • ABS (ABS-II, ABS-N, Integral-ABS, Integral-ABS-CAN, Integral-ABS2-CAN, ABS8, ABS8MOC)
    • Central Vehicle Electronics (ZFE-Basic (low, mid, high), ZFE-Low, ZFE-High(full, no-ESA, ESA-only))
    • Instrument cluster (Kombi-H, Kombi-L, Kombi-7x, Kombi-2D)
    • DWA (Anti-Theft Alarm system)
    • RDC (Tyre Pressure Control)
    • Radio (RT models)
    • KMSK (Engine controller for G450X)

    What functionality does it have?

    • Read Diagnostic Fault Codes

    This shows the Fault codes and text descriptions of the faults stored on the Electronic Control Unit.

    See hardware and software versions, manufacturing dates, and other manufacturer related data.

    • Clears Diagnostic Fault Codes

    Enables you to erase fault codes once the problem has been fixed.

    • Show Real-time data (Live data)

    This is available on all Engine ECU's and many other ones, and shows the input, output and sensor data to the specific ECU.

    • Service & Maintenance functionality

    We offer the following version of GS-911 for only R2 695-00 inc VAT:


    The interface has USB & Bluetooth..

    Allowing you to connect your PC/Laptop to your BMW motorcycle through USB, or if you're on a trip, use your mobile phone or Blackberry, in stead of your PC, to read the Fault Codes etc..

    The R1100 models, older R850 models as well as the K1100 models, have the MA2.1 and MA2.2 Engine controllers.  If you have a 1100, you will know that the 3-pin diagnostic connector is very different from the current model ranges (all using the round 10-pin diagnostic connector).

    The R1100S is the odd ball out, as it has the MA2.4 Engine controller with a round 10-pin diagnostic connector (same as the R1150 models) and thus is the ONLY R1100 model that does NOT require the 3-pin Adapter.

Keywords: Diagnostic Tool

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