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By: ENTERSEKT  12-08-2011
Keywords: Industry Standards, Encryption, Certificate Issuing

ENTERSECT Technologies employs a three tiered marketing approach by which our applications and modules are available to our clients at different depths. We offer a full range of encryption and validation libraries (APIs) for incorporation into your own products, using our established root CA for bilateral certificate issuing to ensure that both parties are who they claim to be. Our system is based on strong encryption industry standards with unique optimizations to allow for operation on resource scarce devices.

On our second layer we allow for in-house product development by supplying the client with a dynamic, over the air (OTA) reconfigurable framework running on a target phone. New applications are automatically deployed to the target as compiled byte code - which means that the framework runs just as fast as any native application.

On the top layer we also have a set of developed products available which focuses strongly on additional factor authentication. Our most popular and revolutionary product integrates directly into ISO8583-compatible financial switches to provide complete protection against unauthorized transactions.

As all products are developed and designed in-house, we have the facilities to aid with additional development, integration and support efforts.

Keywords: Certificate Issuing, Encryption, Industry Standards

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