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By: Broco  11-11-2011
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We build our logistics management solutions for each client through:

  • identifying and analysing their logistics needs
  • developing and implementing a best fit logistics solution
  • coordinating and managing  all the day to day processes necessary for the transport of their products from plant or warehouse to retailers and distribution centres country wide
  • measuring our own performance and improving where possible
  • supplying data and performance indicators in order to monitor and improve processes and solutions
  • staying abreast of the latest technologies
Our partnership approach compels us to really understand the peculiar nature and specific problems of the market in which each of our clients compete.
What do we offer clients?
  • a  one-stop solution  – we get involved with logistics from the planning process through to the scheduling, on time collection and on time delivery of all our clients’ loads
  • we coordinate and manage all the activities and processes necessary for the moving of loads – liaising with drivers, tracking vehicles, liaising with delivery points and managing the "back door" communications with distribution centres
  • we ensure that all loads are comprehensively insured against all risks whilst in transit and we do day to day risk management in a pro-active way
  • we collect, process and safely store copies of all delivery notes, cross border documents and other relevant documentation before sending it by express courier or electronically to our clients
  • we place equal importance on our administrative and operational processes
  • seasonal trends can see the demand for transport doubling during peak periods leading up to the Easter weekend and Christmas season.
    Broco manages the fluctuations and offers our clients a reliable and continuous supply of vehicles by not only taking in more subcontractors during peak periods, but also by managing peaks through better scheduling, planning, double shifting of vehicles, extra drivers and loading/ off loading on weekends and after hours.
  • the knowledge, experience and reputation gained through moving large load volumes for many clients offers new clients and existing clients peace of mind

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