Data Acquisition with In-Vehicle Networks: data logger, OBD, CAN bus, J1939, vehicle data & testing

By: Hem Data  11-11-2011
Keywords: Data Acquisition, Data Logger, Data Acquisition System

What is DAWN?

DAWNTM acquires OBD and other CAN bus data from in-vehicle networks in cars, trucks, buses, and off-road vehicles combining the power and flexibility of these tools:

DAWN can be any one of these tools or a combination to meet the requirements of your applications.

DAWN Models

Mini-Logger Family

Advanced Logging


The Power of DAWN

DAWN will facilitate your data acquisition with flexibility and versatility you may never have experienced. Imagine:

  • Walking up to any vehicle, plugging into its network and collecting data whether it is an automotive or heavy duty vehicle.
  • Using an optional stand-alone data logger for unmanned applications or a laptop for real-time displays.
  • Combining the power of a data acquisition system with a scan tool’s ability to acquire a wide variety of parameters.
  • Using a logger that automatically sends data back to you after each run, saving you travel expenses.

Protocols supported by DAWN

DAWN’s data acquisition conforms to a variety of standards issued by and including allowing you to collect network data from any automobile on the road today starting from model year 1996.

DAWNTM also acquires J1939 CAN and J1708/J1587 data from heavy duty vehicles, including trucks, buses, and off-road vehicles for agriculture, construction and marine applications.

Plus – with DAWNTM you can simultaneously acquire data from GPS, in-vehicle networks and directly from sensors – so you can get the data you need regardless of its source.

Advanced DAWN Features

DAWN Applications

DawnEdit – Parameter and Message Database Manager

TM, creates, edits, and imports different corporate database formats into a single coherent database. You can create and maintain as many databases as your project requires.

DAWN Builds on Snap-Master’s Proven Track Record

DAWN is built on HEM Data’s award winning software, providing you with all of the data acquisition, real-time analysis, plotting, storage/retrieval, and post analysis capabilities. This solid software platform allows DAWN to integrate data acquisition with a variety of display types, including Y-T & X-Y plots, stripcharts, and digital, dial and bar meters plus indicators.

What DAWN can do for you

Whether you’re an engineer, technician or fleet manager, DAWN offers a complete solution designed for your specific data acquisition needs providing productivity improvement through its ability to capture data from the in-vehicle network, GPS, and directly from sensors as needed. The combined functionality of a data acquisition system, scan tool, and a stand-alone data logger and event recorder means we have the functionality you need.

Keywords: Data Acquisition, Data Acquisition System, Data Logger,

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