By: Swone  11-11-2011

SWONE is committed to its South African roots and its philosophy is to use South African products provided these are technologically advanced, free of animal testing and proven to be of an international standard. We are extremely privileged to be associated with the following brand leaders.

Nimue Skin Technology

We use the prestigious NIMUE range of beauty products for all our facial treatments, including the Men's range and Youth range. This is a highly innovative skin technology brand that was originally developed for the medical market for pre and post operative medical procedures. Nimue has subsequently evolved into a globally recognised brand for its innovative formulations and cutting edge technology. Nimue is considered to be the brand leader in the ever demanding dermocosmeceutical industry. As a South African origin company it is now currently available in 12 countries. Nimue demands the highest level of product knowledge and understanding and Nimue treatment application and is highly selective about its stockists and the therapists who deliver the Nimue treatments to clients. SWONE is extremely proud to have been endorsed by NIMUE and to have its therapists trained to the exacting Nimue standards and requirements.

Kalahari Ancient Desert Secrets

We use the Kalahari range of products for our Body and Bath and foot Treatments. It is a wholly African inspired product range with the Kalahari being its inspiration.

The Kalahari Spa Range was created after many years of research, by a team of experts, including botanists and various scientists , who sourced naturally derived ingredients based on plant shrubs, plant oils, red sand, nourishing mud and rich mineral salts from the Kalahari Desert. An intimate knowledge of nature, plants and the powerful gift of touch, have been fused into an exceptional selection of products and treatments.


SpaRitual believes that harmonious beauty begins from the inside, and works its way outwards, enveloping the people around us in a proactive ripple. By caring about our minds and our bodies, we will, in turn, care about the minds and the bodies of our neighbors, and eventually question the welfare of those whom we have not yet met, in faraway in places we have never been.

Sparitual's eco-conscious quest for harmonious beauty is holistic in scope: From product development and product packaging to the ingredients we source and the partners with whom we collaborate, SpaRitual makes every effort possible to make the eco-luxury lifestyle behind the brand the most beautiful way to live.

SpaRitual uses only the highest quality ingredients and packaging that go through a rigorous internal and external testing process.