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Structured Water from Ozone Wellness

By: Ozone Wellness  09-05-2011
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PERFECTed WATER™ is a micro-structured, re-vitalized and –energized form of water, produced in a sterile and environmentally controlled  laboratory, successfully re-creating the best and purest drinkable water  possible  – just as nature intended.

As part of the 11 stage micro-structuring process, the water is stripped of all its impurities, bacteria, harmful metals, chemicals, acidic pH, etc., leaving it as a complete but empty H2O solvent.

It is then exposed to a nature-simulated spectrum of light, frequency and various other protocols. Lastly it is infused with natural electrolytes (84 minerals and trace elements) into the purified H2O solvent and with a controlled oxygen vortex to harmonise this live and re-vitalised water into a perfectly balanced pH solution, making it easy for our bodies to absorb andhydrate themselves.

Keywords: Natural Products, Wellness

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