Ozone Gel

Ozone Gel from Ozone Wellness

By: Ozone Wellness  09-05-2011
Keywords: Alternative Medicine, Natural Healing


Ozone gel is a combination of Ozone gas and extra virgin cold pressed olive oil. No preservatives, colourants, stabilizers or fragrances are added. It is a powerful, safe, 100% natural alternative to addressing a wide variety of skin ailments and has been proven to combat bacterial infections of the skin. 

Keywords: Alternative Medicine, Natural Healing

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Structured Water

This is the best way to complete your RO water should you have such a system in your home.  An added advantage of Structured water is that the combination of oxygen, minerals and life gives the body the ability to heal itself through better cell – to – cell communication. By increasing the absorption of minerals and oxygen directly into the cells, hydration and detoxification are greatly improved, as is the removal of exchanged waste products.

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Live Blood Analysis

  By analyzing your live blood under a microscope, we can uncover many   hidden imbalances,   including: Nutritional Imbalances * Anti-Oxidant Levels * Mineral Imbalances * Immune Weakness * Oxidative Stress * pH Imbalances / Acidity * Adrenal Stress * Hydration Levels * Digestive Problems * Liver Stress * Kidney Stress * Anaemia * Circulatory Congestion & Poor Tissue Oxygenation *   Cellular Fatigue * Lymphatic Congestion * Bowel Toxicity & Inflammation * Chemic


Ozone Sauna Therapy

* Oxygenates the body at a celluar level * Eliminates viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites & cancer cells * Heals wounds * Useful in skin disorders (acne, eczema, psoriasis) * Enhances athletic performance and endurance * Boosts energy levels * Speeds healing following surgery, sports and other injuries * Improves mental function *Increases effectiveness of medication *Builds immune system * Improves circulation * Accelerates weight loss *Minimizes side effects of chemo & radiation