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By: Essentialmed  11-11-2011

Our day-today benefits are available from an extensive network of registered healthcare practitioners. Search the CareCross network for a registered healthcare professional or to determine whether your current GP is registered on the network. General Practitioners Optometrists Dentists Pharmacies

Essential Med offers the following valuable emergency medical services: Emergency medical advice and information, Emergency medical response by road or air, Transfer to the most appropriate medical facility, Transfer to a specialist diagnostic and therapeutic medical care centre, Transfer of life-saving medications and emergency blood if required, Companionship and / or care of stranded minor. [..]

Minimise the impact of every day challenges, be they health, home, legal, auto, travel or funeral related. Essential Plus offers quick and easy access to telephonic advice and assistance that will keep your life uninterrupted. Health assist: Personal health advice from experienced professionals just a call away. Emergency medical advice, Symptom assessment, General health information, [..]

Accidents happen and even the healthiest can become victim to disease and illness. These and other eventualities are taken care of with Essential Med’s hospital cover. All that is needed for hospital pre-authorisation and the payment of a stated benefit to cover in-hospital expenses irrespective of procedure, consultation or service is your Essential Med card and [..]

Colds and flu, tummy bugs, allergies, routine health checks and more, these out-of-hospital medical needs are taken care of with unlimited access to a network of more than 3000 health practitioners nationwide. All that is needed for free consultation and medication from any of these Care Cross healthcare professionals is your Essential Med card and [..]

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Our Basic policy option is ideal for a healthy, active individual or family that is looking for reliable, qualitative day-to-day healthcare benefits and hospitalisation cover in the event of an accident or emergency as well as insurance benefits in the case of permanent disability or death.


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There is no waiting period for the following hospital cover benefits: Accident hospitalisation, Emergency room or casualty visits, Permanent disability benefit, Death benefit. For most of our day-to-day benefits the waiting period is only 30 days, the only exception is for optometry, which has a waiting period of 12 months.


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Since we can’t hide the effect of winter couch-sitting sessions forever, here are some fun ways to shape up for summer. Balancing deadlines, bills, traffic and difficult co-workers or customers is all in day’s work. National Obesity Week aims to encourage South Africans to maintain a healthy body weight.


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It’s a horrible thought but according to the Cancer Association of South Africa , it’s reality with one in every 29 South African women. There are few more complex industries than the healthcare industry and the financial services industry. It could be your mother, sister, wife, cousin, best friend or girlfriend… it could be you. Now imagine one is diagnosed with breast cancer.