Adult Incontinence Products

By: Conni-Western Cape (Pty) Ltd.  11-07-2012
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Conni-Western Cape (Pty) Ltd. Conni Products: * Leading Reusable Brand * Self-Absorbent * Oeko-Tex Textile Codes What is Oeko-Tex standard 100? A uniform, scientifically-founded evaluation standard for the human ecological safety of textiles Tests for harmful substances for textile products of all types The textile products that achieve accreditation pose no risk whatsoever to health Conni is the only bed and chair pad on the South African market with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Accreditation. * NAPPI Codes What is NAPPI? (NAPPI Codes) National Pharmaceutical Pricing Index (NAPPI) codes are used to provide information about pharmaceutical and surgical products. This includes details about the manufacturer, registration, strength and dosage. * Covered by all Medical Aids in South-Africa * 100% Cash back Guarantee * Environmentally Friendly (Biodegradable) * Free Delivery! Conni is recommended by Health Care Experts across South Africa. Contact: 081 7726015 Fax: 081 7737551 Email: [email protected] [email protected]___________________ Products for, Incontinence and, incontinence bladder, incontinence cause, incontinence causes, incontinence cure, incontinence diaper, incontinence diapers, incontinence female, incontinence for women, incontinence in, incontinence in adults, incontinence in men treatment, incontinence in women, incontinence of bladder, incontinence of urine, incontinence of urine treatment, incontinence pad, incontinence pads, incontinence pads for men, incontinence pads men, incontinence pads washable, incontinence pants, incontinence product, incontinence products, incontinence stress, incontinence supplies, incontinence therapy, incontinence to urine, incontinence treatment, incontinence treatment women, incontinence treatments, incontinence urinary, incontinence urine, incontinence women, incontinence women causes, incontinence women treatment, incontinent, incontinent bladder, incontinent causes, incontinent men, incontinent of bladder, incontinent of urine, incontinent pad, incontinent pads, incontinent pants, incontinent product, incontinent products, incontinent supplies, incontinent supplies, incontinent to urine, incontinent urine, leaking urine, leaking urine causes, leaking urine in women, leaking urine women, lower urinary tract symptoms, male incontinence pads, male urinary incontinence, men diapers, men incontinence pads, molicare, molicare incontinence pads, nappies, nappies adult, nappies adults, nappies for adults, nappy adult, natural treatment for incontinence, nocturia treatment, over active bladder causes, Pad, pad incontinence, pads for incontinence, pads incontinence, panties in pants, Pants, pants diapers, pants for incontinence, pants incontinence, pants plastic, plastic panties, plastic pants, prices for diapers, prices of diapers, products for incontinence, products incontinence, reusable diapers, re-usable diapers, reusable washable diapers, shop diapers, stress incontinence, stress incontinence of urine, stress urinary incontinence, stress urine incontinence, surgery for urinary incontinence, surgery urinary incontinence, tena, the best diaper, the best diapers, the diapers, Treatment, treatment for incontinence, treatment for incontinence in women, treatment for over active bladder, treatment for urinary incontinence, treatment incontinence, treatment of incontinence, treatment of incontinence in women, treatments for incontinence, types of urinary incontinence, urge incontinence, urge urinary incontinence, Urinary, urinary continence, urinary frequency, urinary incontinance, Urinary Incontinence, urinary incontinence causes, urinary incontinence dogs, urinary incontinence exercises, urinary incontinence in men, urinary incontinence in women, urinary incontinence male, urinary incontinence men, urinary incontinence products, urinary incontinence remedies, urinary incontinence surgery, urinary incontinence therapy, urinary incontinence treatment, urinary incontinence woman, urinary incontinence women, urinary incontinent, urinary problems, urinary retention in women, urinary what is incontinence of urine, what is incontinent, what is the best diaper, what is urinary stress incontinence, what is urine incontinence, where to get adult diapers, which is the best diaper, wholesale diapers, woman leaking urine, women incontinence, women incontinence treatment, women leaking urine, women with incontinence

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