NEW Tax to be imposed on Monitors

By: ASJ Technology (Pty) Ltd  08-03-2011

The South African Revenue Service's introduction of an unexpected tax on PC monitors will see prices shoot up dramatically by the time screens hit the shelves, but the channel isn't clear as to which screens attract the additional duty.
Monitor prices are set to increase dramatically due to additional duties imposed by SARS, but a lack of clarity on which monitors get taxed has thrown the sector into chaos.
From the beginning of last month, a ad valorum tax, which was scrapped in 2004, was brought back into effect “based on the assumption that they were used as computer screens”.
However, monitors bigger than 45cm also attract an additional 25% duty over and above the 7%, which adds a total of 32% onto prices even before monitors hit the shelves and distributors have added their markup to the products. I would suggest to those who are thinking of buying newer and bigger monitors to do so before the end of the month.

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