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Foliar Spray - Registered for Control of Botrytis cinerea

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Prune Wound Dressing - Registered for protection against vascular trunk pathogens

Vinevax offers protection against wood-infecting fungal pathogens of vineyard, orchard and ornamental trees and vines. Vinevax is organic certified, effective and easy to use. Recommended for all pruning cuts in vines and trees.

VINEVAX Bio-Implant

Bio-Inoculant Implant - Registered for protection against vascular trunk pathogens.

A natural bio-inoculant which vaccinates and protects against vascular trunk disease, including Eutypa lata in grapes, and leads to improved health and productivity. A long term, organically certified treatment lasting 4-5 years.


Rootzone Drench - Registered for Control of damping off and root rots

Unite contains beneficial Trichoderma specially formulated to act as a living barrier against damping off and root rots while boosting the resilience and strength of the plant's own immune system.


Granule - Registered for Control of onion white rot and reduction of Fusarium basal rot

Tenet is a biofungicide granule applied during field planting of onions and garlic. The formulation contains bio-control fungus Trichoderma atroviride which aggressively colonises the root zone of the plants giving protection from pathogens while significantly improving plant emergence and establishment.


Nursery - Trichodry, Trichoflow, Trichospray -
Nursery and field - Trichopel

Formulated specifically for NZ conditions the Tricho range of bio fertilizers provide improved performance throughout the nursery and field plant lifecycle.


Lettucemate Flake, rootzone starter, is a beneficial bio-inocluant added to lettuce seedling growth media to optimize root growth and plant resilience.

Lettucemate Drench WPis applied to lettuce seedlings 3-5 days before field planting to give increased yields of harvestable lettuce.

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