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By: Les Designs  11-11-2011
Keywords: Silk Screen, Textured Threads

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This is what you receive in the full kit:

  • Silk-screened background fabric and muslin (supporting fabric)
  • Embroidery thread (standed cotton) / perlé / metallic thread
  • Trim ( beads, feathers, wire & wadding)
  • Textured threads
  • A comprehensive booklet with text, illustrations and a photograph of the design

Most of these designs for the full kits can be ordered as a silk screen only i.e. the pattern printed on fabric.

These kits are available in themes:

Keywords: Silk Screen, Textured Threads

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Les Designs Lastest Book - Just Stitch

To tie up the concept of Just stitch; a photograph of an Agapanthus bloom is illustrated in two different projects showing the diversity of choice within the techniques chapter. In the flora arena, a simple image such as a five petal daisy is the starting point of understanding simple stitchery, textures and finally the third dimension.


Les Designs

There are 15 colours with seven textures in a bag; yarn, bouclé, chenille, round corded rayon, knitted flat rayon and 2 crazy wools for that extra dimension. Simply lay the textured thread down and secure the tail with a couple of holding stitches in a single strand of matching floss or fine yarn. If you have an abundance of traditional threads add to your collection by ordering from Les Designs.


Les Designs - Embroidery

Contrast colours can be used and many different holding stitches are suitable, including cross stitch, herringbone, straight stitch, fly stitch and detached chain. Pull the thread through to the front of the work at A, make a small stitch over the laid thread at B and pull through to the back. Re-insert the needle at the starting point, bring it out again a short distance away and take it over the loop of the thread.