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By: Healthy Choice  06-06-2012
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Transform the energies in your environment with the space-clearing professionals, Markus van der Westhuizen and Charlene Yared-West. By clearing your home or office of stale, lower energies, you will enjoy a safer, happier, healthier environment for the people in the space, yourself, your pets and your plants.

What are lower/negative energies?
These can be thoughts, emotions, actions and entities held in the space like dust, imprinted on the walls, floors and furniture. Arguments, upsets, illness, traumas and other unsettling energies or unwanted entities can linger and disturb the harmonious balance of your home or office. Our space clearing offering, also called house clearing or geomancy, will help you to create an energetically 'clean' environment for yourself, your family, your business, and your pets. Invite into your space the energies of health, success and happiness. 

Please note, that space clearing is not the same as Feng Shui. We are also able to provide advice on personal aura clearing and chakra balancing approaches, which will also help to keep your internal energy field clear. 

How Can You Get Started?
• Contact us for a free Space Clearing Consultation.
• This consultation will provide you with a summary of the most challenging energetic issues in your home or workplace and give you suggestions for resolving them. 

Contact Charlene (0822230549) or Markus (0729523630) for more information.

Keywords: Energy Healing, health, house cleanse

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