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By: Weskus Eiendomme  11-11-2011
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About Weskus Eiendomme

Posted: 15th August 2011

WESKUS PROPERTIES/EIENDOMME is a full-time real estate company of 20 years standing and is acknowledged for its honesty and professionalism.  With two offices in the West Coast and more than  11 property consultants, 5 workers and  4 supporting staff.  Weskus  Properties is one of the best equipped and biggest real estate companies in the West Coast.  The average length of experience of the agents is 8 years, which partially explains why this Company is one of the top sellers of real estate.  To be specific, Weskus Properties sold more homes during the last two years than any of the other agencies in the area.
Beside the high experience level of the property consultants (all have passed their NQF 4 levels) , another contributing factor to the success of Weskus Properties is the commitment of each individual working there.  Every person is dedicated  not only to personal success, but to the overall success of Weskus Properties.  This is very evident in the spirit of co-operation and permeates the Company.

Posted by: Weskus Eiendomme

Keywords: Property Consultants, Real Estate Company