Certificate in Business Practice NQF Level 1

By: Triplel  11-11-2011

Delivering Adult Basic Education & Training (ABET) has proved to be a lot more difficult than many people imagined. For one thing, convincing adults to embark on a learning path has not always been easy. Many view it as backtracking in their lives. What is desperately needed is a new approach that respects where adults are in their own development. This approach requires is that it meets the needs of adults and is not simply a good thing to do. Adults deserve to know WHY they should embark on a path that requires hard work on their part.

That is why what is being offered here is: ABET WITH A PURPOSE appropriate to the 21st century. After all, in this modern world is a person really literate if he/she can’t use communication and mathematical skills, operate a computer, handle money properly or know how businiess works? And, of course, there is also the need to develop the thinking skills we all need to survive such as being able to make sense of all the information around us, solve problems and so on.

The Triple L Academy with the Services SETA have developed a program to address these needs. You will be Introduced to advanced life skills such as learning strategies, entrepreneurship, financial literacy and computer fluency. This involves a methodology which is very interactive and in which you will actively participate using a variety of resources and engaging in numerous activities on your own and with your colleagues. You will be taken from ABET Level 1 through level 4 (NQF 1) in an integrated, vertical progression that recognizes what you already know. In this way we eliminate frustration for learners who may excel in some particular aspects but need support in other.

Other exciting parts of the program include:

  • Being able to use a computer before too long;
  • Knowing all about our money system;
  • Understanding how a business works;
  • Finding that even the way you think and reason have improved.

It is obvious that this program is designed to enhance people's value as employees and make you even more employable!

The Services Seta has developed a qualification: Certificate in Business Practice, NQF LEVEL 1 that includes all the above. Furthermore, Services Seta is making a bursary available to your company to enable you to participate in this program. All that it will take is willingness on your part and the undertaking to work hard.

The full program will take around 8 to 10 months in all, and around 10 hours per week of classroom time depending on your effort. It could be completed even sooner.

What is the benefit your company will derive?

They will certainly have a better trained employee who can possibly undertake a variety of different jobs. They will enjoy the Services SETA levy repayment. But above all the company will have the satisfaction of knowing that it has supported their employees on a development path that knows no end.


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