Biodanza for Corporate Wellness and Entertainment

By: Biodanza Ren Skyclad  05-01-2013
Keywords: corporate functions, Corporate Events, Event Management

Biodanza can be used in a variety of ways in acorporate setting, to raise empathy and reduce competition, as this is apsychological model designed to raise people's emotional intelligence in agentle and fun way, so that communication between employees is enhanced.  Over 80% of our communication is actually non-verbal...Biodanza allows us to enhance these skills in a safe and non-judgemental environment, that is fun for all employees.

At entertainment celebrations and end of year parties, Biodanza can be anunusual way of connecting everybody and bringing out the playful side of life,where everyone there gets involved and has a great time together.

Please see my website  or call/email me to discuss your specific requirements.

Here are some recent testimonials for you:

(from classes and corporate functions...) Biodanza is theHighlight of MY week!! words are too limiting to describe the expansiveness anddeep connection to self and others that Biodanza is teaching me. So much morethan "dance'. It is completely transformational. Such a privilege to share it with youand our group xx I truly hope that so many more people can share this incredibledance - a movement of the soul and spirit. No choreography but uniqueexpression of the self. LOVING IT. Thank you Ren Skyclad

Another magical Biodanza class !!!I'm now ready for this week! if you're in Table View or nearby, give yourself agift & come & join us for a wonderful session of movement, music,sharing & fun. Ren Skyclad, I cannot thank you enough for sharing yourincredible passion with us all 

 No matter how I'm feeling before a class, I'm a whole new person thatleaves!  Thank YOU Ren, for sharing your magic with us all!

You weave the session with such effortless ease - you're such a perfectfacilitator, it seems to come so naturally to you Ren Skyclad -thanks for all the time you put into preparing this for us. (client)


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