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ACROSS OCEANS ACROSS OCEANS MARKERTING focuses is on energy efficient savings, ensuring that clients save on electricity spend and water usage. ACROSS OCEANS is uniquely positioned to provide clients a cost saving of up to 40% on electricity usage and 30% on water consumption using the Alpha Range of Instant Water Heaters. Alpha water heaters are engineered for your ultimate safety, saving you electricity and water. Feel the force of warm splashing pleasure from Alpha Turbo Flow. Unlike any other water heater, V1 Jet Series is a revolutionary shower system that comes with a built in efficient shower pump to boost water flow rate up to 4 times. Low water levels are rectified using the Alpha range water heaters. V1 JET IT ONLY USES 0.3 UNITS PER DAY 8 kW geysers The Alpha 6kw and 8kw units are multi-point units. When connecting the shower, wash basin and kitchen zinc, the tap will be connected between the unit and the flexi-hose, to turn off the water flow to the shower rose. Unit comes complete with Shower Rose, Flexi Hose, Soap Holder, Pressure Relieve Valve and a pressure reducing valve 6kw geyser The P.R.V. needs to be connected to the incoming cold water line. It is preset at 3 bars, the ideal pressure for the optimal functioning of the unit. The Boil is a submersible electric (2000w) water heating device. It is used by plugging it into a wall socket and submerging into a bucket of water. Ideal for kitchen and caravan use. The element is safely concealed to prevent shocking or burning if touched. ALL THESE PRODUCTS IS TO SAFE YOU WATER AND ELECTRIC THE GEYSER IS THE UNIT WHICH SAVES YOU UP TO 40% ON ENERGY WHICH MEANS IT ONLY USES 0.3 UNITS A DAY EVEN IF 15 PEOPLE USE IT A DAY THE BOILA IS A FAST INSTANT WARMER WHICH USES LESS THAN A UNIT PER DAY AND ITS SO GOOD THAT ITS SAFETY IS GUARANTEED Now you can enjoy continuous hot water anytime at every tap of your home. Since more than one outlet point (tap connection) can be connected to this system,

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Cost Savings on electricity 40% and on water 30% GUARANTEED