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 Champion Filters is now one of  the most preferred manufacturer of Industrial Filters, Strainers & Screens in India. By virtue of our continuous dedication to excellence for more than 33 years, the brand “Champion Filters” has become a synonym for quality engineered and manufactured filters.   The applications in filtration are very  varied, complicated and changing.

Our filtration engineers have been solving offering solutions to core sectors like Oil & Gas, Steel Plants, Petrochemicals, Refineries, Fertilizers, Cements, Mining, Mineral Processing Units, Ore Beneficiation Plants, Power Generating Stations, Food & Beverages, Dairy, Pharmaceuticals, Hotels for more than 3 decades  now.  We have perhaps the largest range of solutions in Filtration. A product range of more than 100 different and unique filters for almost all fluids & flow conditions.  

Automatic Backwash Strainers     Self Cleaning Filters Simplex Duplex Strainers Manual Back Flush FiltersBag FiltersAutomatic Suction Water Filters Water intake ScreensCartridge FiltersPolishing FiltersPre coat Filters Belt Filters Oxygen FiltersPVC/CPVC/PU/PP StrainersMetal Filters  Sea Water Strainers Air Filters Polyurethane ScreensPolyurethane Liners     Flip Flow Screen Mats    Wedge Wire Panels    Polyurethane ProductCorex Strainers    Paint Filters     Bucket Strainers Coolers, Condensers    Beer Filters

Process Water FiltersDrinking Water Filters Plus  100 such unique products for virtually all applications of Filtration & Screening. We produce a very broad & complete range of every type of Filter from 1/4” to 60” pipeline size.

Yours may be a standard or non standard application requiring a special alloy or for unusually high pressure application.   Champion Filters have the capability & experience to make a filter to exactly meet your needs.

Champion makes very wide range of products like Self Cleaning Strainers : These filters are used for handling large volume of fluid where cntinuous removal of debris is required to maintain pressure equilibrium in the pipeline. These Filters work on edge filtration principals. For water services it can be used for coarse filtration with M.S./ G.I. Filter element shims or nylon brushes. In the case of oil, filtration down to 100 microns can be given at economical rates. It can be given in manual operation or motorized operation. Cleaning is done by just rotating the handle by manually or automatically without opening the cover. Champion Suction Strainers Suitable for installation in the storage tanks below liquid level on pump’s suction inlet pipe. These are available in S.S. 304/S.S. 316/M.S./Brass construction. 

Champion Conical Strainer These are also called temporary strainers used as strainer for testing of the line. These are suitable for liquids, steam, compressed air, chemical etc. These are available in SS 304/SS 316/ M.S./ Brass construction. These are easily mounted between the flanges and are available in different flange sizes like I.S. series, D.I.N. Standard, J.I.S. Standard, A.S.A. and other National and International standards. It can also be used in batch filtration like funnels.

 Champion Back Flushing Filters These filters are used where amount of debris is on higher side. In these type of filters reverse of water/ compressed air is provided for cleaning of the filter cartridge/ basket. Debris goes out from the vent nozzle of the filter housing.
Champion Bag Filter In these filters is provided as per other filters but filter bag is provided instead of cartridge/basket. It is generally used for fine filtration because it is economical in comparison to cartridge/basket. Because fine filter can not be cleaned so bags are thrown after a span of a particular time. Bag can be given in PP. Polyester, Nylon and Cotton
Champion Simplex (Basket) Strainers These filters are provided with single cartridge/ basket, so they are called simplex filter. • Simple but robust design • Used where flow can be interrupted for cleaning of filter elements • Doom end cover provided at top of filter so as no spillage when fluid level goes down on removal of cover • Basket area to pipe C.S.A ratio over 25:1 can be given in fabricated construction • Multi Basket/Cartridge filter available in fabricated construction for     High filtration ratio    • Easy handling of basket/cartridge by increasing the cleaning time    • It can be provided for very large filtration area  • Stream flow design can be given in casted and fabricated  construction which reduce the pressure losses   • Can be supplied with steam jacketing for heavy fluid Size Range - Screwed -( ¼ tp 1 1/2") Flange -  (1/2"to12" in casted material) -(2" to 40" in fabricated material) 

Champion Duplex Filter/ Twin Strainer • Used wherever continuous operation is required and flow not to be interrupted for cleaning of filter element • Consists of two filtration chambers each rated for 100% capacity connected in parallel by means of 3 way ball valve • Diversion of flow without interruption of flow with manual change over valve or automatically operated • Higher flow rates handled by disc type change over system, having large filtration area for raw water/ sea water etc) • Can be manufactured in casting/fabrication as per requirement Can also be available with steam jacketing for fluid like (L.D.O./H.F.O./Bitumen etc.) • Available in wide range of filtration from 2 micron to 500 microns

Champion Y' Type Strainer Construction of these strainers is shown by it name itself. These are generally used as a pipe fitting for coarse filtration. Due to its compact design it is easier to fit in overhang pipelines. Pressure drop is slightly higher in these strainers. • Construction of this strainer is synonymous with its name used where debris needs to be removed frequently. • Simplest Kind of strainer, can^be used as pipe fitting. )\ • Available in screw type & flanged construction. s\r Forged, Cast and fabricated construction available. • Basket area to pipeline C.S. A ratio of 2.5 :1 in casted construction, it can be given as per requirement in fabricated construction Size Range - Screwed Connection (1/2" to 3") - Flange Connection -( 1" to 12" in casted material) -( 3" to 20" in fabricated material)

Champion T Type Strainer It is synonymous with its pafrie. It is to remove physical impurities from liquids, steam, gases etc. It isavailable in screw and flanged construction. Available in forged, cast and fabricated construction. It is used for inline application. Size Range -( 1" to 2" in casted material) -( 3" to 12" in fabricated material) 

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Keywords: Automatic, Debris Filters



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