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By: Breaking Barriers  11-11-2011
Keywords: Spiritual Growth

The tools of the recovery movement may be used by anyone seeking spiritual growth and personal liberation. In this workshop an experiential process is created whereby participants can become archeologists indulging in spiritual excavation, leading to a greater sense of personal freedom from both ego and life’s fluctuating circumstances. Principles drawn from the 12 Step recovery process, transpersonal psychology, and various spiritual disciplines are integrated so as to provide participants with tools helpful to enhancing and sustaining their spiritual fitness.

Specifically, the process includes:

  • Briefly exploring what spiritual fitness means for different people
  • The use of guided meditations, creativity, sharing and other experiential processes
  • Identifying and removing some of the obstacles to spiritual growth in order to clear space to experience ourselves and our Higher Power more cleanly
  • Experimenting with the concept of sacred emptiness
  • Exploring our existing relationship with our Higher Power (whatever form that may take)
  • Initiating new possibilities for the unfolding of this relationship

Who would benefit from this workshop?

  • Anyone wishing to develop their spirituality, regardless of whether or not they are in recovery from some form of addiction or codependency
  • Anyone struggling to develop their relationship with their Higher Power
  • Anyone wishing to enhance their resilience, vitality and power in the face of stress and challenge

Keywords: Spiritual Growth

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Many people consult me because they are struggling to stay clean or because they have managed to stay clean but now need to address old psychological wounds (including trauma), relationship issues or spiritual stuckness. Many people who have done my workshops or meditation courses have found them to greatly enhance the quality of their recovery.


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The sessions will be structured to allow all members to benefit, and members are asked to commit themselves to at least 6 sessions to start with. He has worked in private practice and both inpatient and outpatient settings and has experience in a wide range of therapeutic approaches. He is now in private practice, writing, running workshops and still does supervision and training at Stepping Stones.