Drug and alcohol rehab prgramme

Drug and alcohol rehab prgramme from The Sanctuary Rehab Centre

By: The Sanctuary Rehab Centre  06-01-2015
Keywords: Substance Abuse, depression therapy, Drug Rehab

THE PROGRAMME The Sanctuary Drug, Alcohol and Depression Treatment & Counselling Centre provides in-Patient Rehabilitation to all drug and alcohol abuse clients, disorders, dual diagnosis, ED, depression and anxiety sufferers. We are also determined serial relapse specialists. Continuing a recovery journey is important business to us, adding to previous rehab and primary care experiences is often essential to secure long term recovery. Grow your recovery in the Sanctuary that is Plettenberg Bay with a well renowned, large recovery community. Find a job, get involved in our unique project opportunities, grow, heal and get our confidence back! All Addictions and Dual Diagnosis included in our treatment programme All Addictions and Dual Diagnosis included in our treatment programme THE SANCTUARY TREATMENT PROGRAMME Our treatment programme is about finding yourself. It is about building self esteem, practical social knowledge and learning how to enjoy life on life’s terms. It is about having the truth set you free. Two groups a week, progress meetings and counselling sessions are all part of the mature nature of the work we do at Sanctuary. We DO NOT keep people stuck in their situations, and leave them with no idea of how then to apply the Steps and the Principles they have learned previously into real life. This is the very thing that makes The Sanctuary so, so important in the furthering of ones recovery – we are the birth place of the practical side of recovery. We’re the verb, the action bit! Getting clients to function at their best means we don’t stay stuck in the theory. Every treatment programme that gets you ready for a life back in the real world, should be able to meet you exactly where you are. Our programme is designed to meet you exactly where you are and help you grow, heal and develop from there. No expectations, just meeting you with where you are, and taking you to where you want to go. Individualised Care Unique Care that provides unique results. WORK, PROJECTS, GROWTH AND FUN, ROLLED INTO ONE. Besides in-patient recovery, we have other things to do to build your self-esteem and confidence. Volunteer and permanent work is sourced, along with projects and continual outings in our natural beach and forest surroundings. The Sanctuary is what you have learned about the 12 Steps and beyond. Drawing on spiritual principles, yoga, your unique artistic license and most importantly the art of personal Self Development. When you are ready there are dozens of projects to get involved in, as well as volunteer and real career work opportunities to explore. Plettenberg Bay not only has a massive recovery community that makes it a social mecca of connectivity but as a holiday town, as the Monaco of South Africa it has wonderful and diverse opportunity: Hotels, Restaurants, Art Galleries, Animal Care, Tourism and dozens of other trades that suit your dreams – your development! Our long standing Motto will become your inspiration: Grow – Heal – Enrich – Explore – Renew – Recover. These are the pillars of what we do at The Sanctuary. Importantly, The Sanctuary Drug, Alcohol and Depression Treatment & Counselling Centre has been established to assist people in growth and healing, wherever they may be along the journey of life. Plettenberg Bay has a wealth of skilled professionals and we utilize only the very best doctors, psychologists and general medical services as and when required. Additional services include general Counselling for all people, in all kinds of situations – Depression, addiction, relationships, marriage, grief, trauma and general counselling. One of the finest recovery communities in the world. The Center is a refuge for the recovering and an often essential stop in the walk of peoples lives, who want to find the very best of themselves and become all they were destined to be.

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