Samadis - Granules

By: Samadis  11-11-2011

Fully imported from Spain, the products are constantly tested in the laboratories in Barcelona to keep up with new technological markets and innovations. Continually striving to provide the best of its kind, Bioconservacion offers a granule that purifies and maintains the hygiene of air used in the storage of produce and flowers.

The various granule applications ensure the quality of produce from the pack-house to cold room and during transport in refrigerated trucks and containers for export. By the time the fruit and vegetables reach the supermarket, their shelf-life has been substantially increased and freshness is maintained for longer periods of time.

Code BO

Bi-On ("Retarder") Granules absorb and purify the air, removing contaminants like:
-ethylene (ripening gas; hormone found in produce)
-other harmful low molecular gases & volatiles
-bacteria (Botrytis, anthracnose etc)
-fungi spores


Granule Ingredient:


Potassium Permanganate:

Anti-bacterial formulation kills bacteria

High pH level of 9.2

Natural disinfectant oxidizes micro-organisms


Negatively charged, attracts positive irons & particles

Absorbs gases and other volatiles

Code GDC

Bi-On+ Granules combined with activated carbon (green) has become a stronger granule by effectively oxidising high molecular gases (like methyl mercaptan, methyl sulphide, ozone, phenol and many organic compounds)..


Tried and Tested:

Benefits and Uses:

3.2ml of ethylene absorbed per gram of granules

 Highest capacity granule on the market


 Does not come into any contact with produce or food and is therefore non-harmful


Use granules as fertilizer, when they have exhausted

Ethylene and micro-organisms are removed

Respiration of fruit, vegetables and flowers are lowered