Oasis water Products and refill

Oasis water Products and refill from Oasis Plattekloof

By: Oasis Plattekloof  03-15-2011
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Why not tap water?

Tap water is not drinking water We don’t intend to

drink harmful chemicals. Yet, this is what we do. With

every glass of tap water we drink, we are consuming

copious amounts of

chemicals such as chlorine,

fluoride, arsenic

and hundreds of other life-threatening


Fluoride is used to make rat poison and other insecticides,

Chlorine was used in world war one to kill people,

yet we obliviously drink these harmful chemicals on a

daily basis. People who drink chlorinated water

have a 93% higher risk of cancer than those who

drink pure water The World Health Organisation

has identified over 700 potentially toxic chemicals

in tap water in the USA alone. We in South

Pure water is Water of Life One of the ways to rid

water of dangerous chemicals and minerals is

through the process of reverse osmosis.

Reverse Osmosis is the finest purification process known

. Reverse Osmosis is not a mere filtration

system. It removes an extremely high percentage of dissolved contaminants, molecule

by molecule, from raw tap water. This causes it to be soft to the taste and life to the

body. If you drink purified water, you will notice remarkable differences such as:

• Brilliant taste that is soft on the palate • Improved health and vitality • Reduced risk of

cancer • Positive effects on skin and hair When you use purified water in your home you will

benefit from:

• The best taste and nutrition out of your foods by cooking with purified water • No cloudy

residue left over after you have boiled food • Improved taste of all your beverages, remember

to make purified water ice blocks!

• No lime-scale build up in your kettle or iron and other appliances The reason for such


results is because 99% of bacteria and chemicals, as well as 95% of all inorganic minerals

are removed from purified water.

This is the purest water you can get.

Oasis goes one step further by

enriching their water with Ozone.

Oasis water is filled with a super-charged form of oxygen (O2) called ozone (O3). Aside from

being the most powerful oxidizer known to man,

ozone neutralizes free radicals (bad thingies),

increases the uptake and utilization of oxygen in the body by stimulating the formation

of anti- oxidant enzymes as well as improving circulation amongst other really good things.

Now, about PETCO bottles which Oasis use …. PETCO bottles:

are safe to freeze integrity is not compromised when left in a hot car are 100% safe for reuse

provided they are properly cleaned first, which incidentally fits in perfectly with their refill

concept(all containers are disinfected with Ozone which sterilises 3 000 times faster than

chlorine), to save money and reduce the environmental impact.


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