By: Fabrinox  11-11-2011
Keywords: Project Management, Stainless Steel, mild steel

3 x Project Managers to oversee installations, under-licence manufacturing and custom fabrication.


Specifications for 3kW & 5 kW laser machines are as follows:
Loading bed size 2 x 4 metre
Tube cutting attachmentYes
CapacityUp to 20 mm stainless steel
Up to 12 mm Aluminium  
Up to 25 mm mild steel 
1 X Heli Bending machines
8.0 mm mild steel
6 mm stainless steel
Bed length: 3 metres
175 ton

3’0 mm mild steel
2,5 mm stainless steel
Bed length: 3 metres

100 ton bending

6 mm mild steel
6 mm stainless steel
Bed length: 3 metres
CNC crowning
CNC programmable
CNC programmed safety edge
Bending speed: 10 mm/sec

130 ton

Grindmaster sheet polisher & De-burring

Guillotine 13mm x 3m

Hydraulic press for doming 25 ton
1,6 mm to 6 mm thick mild steel and stainless steel

Eccentric press 25 ton

Overhead cranes, 2 x 5 ton, 1 x 3 ton

Knuckling machine

R6 ø 250 to ø 3’400
R20 ø 300 to ø 3’400
R25 ø 300 to ø 3’400
R38 ø 600 to ø 3’400
Material : 1.6 mm to 6 mm Mild Steel and Stainless steel

Plate rollers, 6mm x 3m, 2mm x 1,2m and 3mm x 1,5m

Fitting & turning department

Welding Department

20 arc and tig welders and 2 mig welders
1Pulsed Mig welder
Stainless steel/ Mild steel/ Aluminium
Robotic tig and mig welding with Turn/tilt 250 Kg

Stainless steel polishing up to # 220 and stainless steel bead blasting

Dedicated work area for the sheet metal workers as well as the areas where project layouts will be pre-assembled.

Spray Painting Booth 7 meters long x 6 meters

Pickling & Passivation plant – 2m x 2m x 500 mm tank

Draughting department – 3 Solid Edge and 1 Inventor station

Additional floor space is used for the storage of consignment stock. More floor space will be available on the premises should the need arise and the facility also has ample clear space for the erection of additional facilities if so required.

Keywords: mild steel, Project Management, Stainless Steel