By: De Kraal Gallery  11-11-2011
Keywords: Art, Electronic Engineering

Exhibition, "Shades of Spring", new oils by Makiwa Mutomba

26th October - 20th November 2011

Makiwa was born in 1976 in Chivu, Zimbabwe. In 1995 he enrolled for a degree in Electronic Engineering in Bulowayo, but dropped out after successfully completing three years, to persue his childhood dream of becoming an artist. He is presently based inPretoria.
In his statement he says: “I believe a true work of art has a life and a soul. It is for prosterity. Human as I am, I can only attempt to create it, I never quite succeed. For true art is not human, but devine. Nevertheless, it is that quest for a masterpiece that makes me who I am, that never-ending search for the perfect picture. The definitive line, the ultimate poem, and above all, the truth. For the truth is more valuable than what we think we know.
I do not make political or religious statements with my art. Neither do I attempt to shock or provoke others, whatever my personal opinion of them might be. I paint pictures to give hope, joy and meaning to the lives of those who see them. For beauty, I believe, is abounding in all creation. Even the humble, lowly, down-trodden and dirty have a beautiful story to tell.I will strive to show beauty where there is no beauty and to show colour where there is only black and white.”

Keywords: Art, Electronic Engineering