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By: Afrafin  11-11-2011

At Afrafin we specialise in the following:

  • Managing personal investment portfolios
  • Financial planning and wealth preservation
  • Personal tax planning
  • Pension funds and retirement benefits
  • Estate assessments and planning
  • Risk analysis

How much is enough? What is the cost of our needs and wants? What is the net result of our efforts to secure financial peace of mind?  Our experience has shown that individuals invest and are (unintentionally) unaware of exactly where they are in terms of a "life plan" - essentially a practical guide to strike balance between your well-being and wealth. What is the price of being time-poor?  How could we (humanly speaking) obtain a clear and integrated picture?

Jacob Needleman writes in his book Money and the Meaning of Life: "Looking at money from this perspective [healthy] can also bring a feeling of hope and a sense of relief that we are, finally, "allowed" to step way back and look at money without any concern about how to get it or keep it, but simply as a key to the questions of who and what we are."  How do we master this "money game"?

We offer an analysis with an

advanced decision-making process


planning model

. Below is a graphical output from the model.

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