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By: West Legal Solutions  11-11-2011
Keywords: law, Legal Advice, Deceased Estates

a) General Legal Advice:

West Legal Solutions can provide you with legal advice to help you find solutions for your legal problems.  Currently our focus is only on general legal advice pertaining to problems people encounter in legal fields such as property law, family law, civil litigation, commercial law, matrimonial law, credit bureaus, debt collection, etc. (Please note that we do not give legal advice on any criminal matters.)

b) Contracts and Agreements:

West Legal Solutions can provide you with binding legal forms, contracts and agreements. We can supply you with standard or customised contracts such as lease agreements, shareholders agreements, sale of business as a going concern, share purchase agreements, sale of vehicles, employment contracts, association agreements, acknowledgement of debt, etc. All you need to do to make use of our service is to let us know the type of agreement you wish us to provide you with. If you need a customised contract for example you can proceed to e-mail us the details of the parties and any particulars of the situation after you have accepted our quote and have paid a deposit. We will draw up the customised contract for you and send it via e-mail to you. Quick, easy and very affordable!

c) Wills and Deceased Estates:

West Legal Solutions will help you through this difficult time after the loss of a loved one with the efficient administration of the deceased estate.  We understand that it is important for the people remaining behind to have their loved one's estate administrated and finalised in a fast, caring and efficient manner.  That is why we undertake to give our utmost best to ensure that this difficult time will proceed without any unnecessary delays.


Just send us an e-mail explaining your legal situation or tell us which contract you need and we will send you a quote for the work. We will proceed to do the necessary legal research on the matter or draft the required contract after you have accepted our quote. After we have received a deposit, we will then proceed to send you our legal opinion or the contract you requested (usually within 48 hours). For the administration of estates you also just send us an e-mail and we will send you a letter explaining the procedure. 

Keywords: Deceased Estates, law, Legal Advice