Neck and Shoulder Tension

Neck and Shoulder Tension from Therapeutic Massage & Life Alignment

By: Therapeutic Massage & Life Alignment  08-01-2012
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Old injuries, desk-bound work, bad posture or a combination of these can cause lasting pain, limited mobility, and fatigue.

Sometimes tension carries through to the neck from the jaw or the arms and shoulders. Often misalignment and weakness in the neck area is mirrored by similar patterns in the bones and muscles of the lower back.

Many neck problems should be seen by a chiropractor. You can usually feel if the bones of your neck are out - Either you can feel the bones are out of place or you may feel  a slighter greater sensitivity to pressure between one set of vertebrae than the others. This is usually associated with a painful knot or spasm in the adjascent muscles. Massage does wonders for frozen shoulders, and for necks that are worse for bad posture and prolonged immobility. If your neck vertebrae and discs are often misaligned, it's important to learn good posture and the right exercises to help build up strength and correct muscular imbalances.

Massage is definitely helpful, but for immediate relief of a misaligned neck, I would recommend that you see a chiropractor as well.

Keywords: Massage

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