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By: Bplc  11-11-2011
Keywords: Business Process, Business Solution, Product Suite

The quality of a business solution can only be measured by the effective utilization of the solution on a day-to-day basis by the staff of the Organization. To deliver a successful business solution requires a number of services to be coordinated and delivered in a specific format.

Oracle Application Implementation

With the in-depth knowledge of the Oracle applications, the years of practical business experience and the appropriate academic qualifications, BPLC is able to provide our client with a knowledgeable consultant to provide a totally integrated business solution. With a knowledgeable consultant, the full functionality of the extremely function rich Oracle applications can be exploited to the full. Integrating the Oracle products with the re-engineered TO-BE processes is the skill of the consultant that will provide the customer the opportunity to achieve their business objectives and maximise their investment in the solution.

Oracle Education

Being a delivery partner of instructor lead training to Oracle University and other Oracle Education delivery partners, locally and internationally, on Oracle's eBusiness applications and its technologies provides our consultants with the opportunity to keep abreast with the latest product developments. With the wealth of business knowledge and implementation experience of the products being brought into the class room, enhances the presentation standards of the user training of the Oracle eBusiness applications and technology products. The skill of knowledge transfer being utilized in the classroom and now being exploited on a project allows for the customer's users to be adequately trained and mentored in the use of the Oracle product suite during the implementation process.

Oracle Support - Normal

Support is a major component of a successful project. This is an area that is totally under estimated when projects are defined and costed. Over the last couple of years BPLC has become very active in providing the appropriate support to our implementation clients and other Oracle customers that require this service.

The support function addresses a number of components these being:

  • Business process and application functional support;
  • Application configuration and implementation support;
  • Training and mentoring on all dimensions of business solution;
  • Database and technical support,
  • Customisations,
  • Interface maintenance;
  • New features;
  • Upgrades to new releases; and
  • Solution enhancement.

Oracle Support - Repairs

A further dimension of support that BPLC offers is the "Mr. Fix-it" aspect, whereby BPLC will come into an organisation and fix the implementation that might not have gone according to plan. Many organisations have Oracle products that have not been implemented properly and therefore they cannot reap the business benefits that were promised.

BPLC prides itself for being able to turn 'unhappy' clients into extremely happy customers in these type of situations.

Business Process Re-engineering

Providing a totally integrated business solution requires that the TO-BE business processes be reviewed in detail to ensure that "best" business practices are adhered to and all inefficient AS-IS processes will either be enhanced or eliminated to ensure a streamlined and cost efficient processes. For business process re-engineering to succeed, the re-engineered and efficient processes has to be enabled with the appropriate tools and applications thereby providing management with the information that is required to effectively manage the business in a real-time environment.

Technical Facilitation

BPLC has come to realise that many organisations purchase the Oracle technology stack as the database of choice but instead of utilizing the functionality within it, it becomes more of a "data bucket" than a database. From the extensive knowledge of technology stack, BPLC has formulated a number of initiatives to define the business benefits of utilizing all the functionality that is available in the technology stack and thereby creating substantial saving and better returns on investment.

Some of the initiatives are:

  • Workflow - use the inherent rather than third party workflow engines;
  • Dataguard - data replication and fail safe processes; and
  • Many more.

Solution Reviews and Audits

BPLC has the knowledge, expertise and experience to provide a solutions review and audit service. This kind of service needs to be performed with utmost professionalism and objectivity, due to the normally sensitive nature of such assignments.

These assignments can take on a number of various requirements:

  • Whether the requirements definition is optimal in terms of the business process and reporting requirements;
  • Assessing whether the solutions meets what was defined in the requirements definition;
  • Reviewing the implementation as to whether it has been adequately done;
  • Reviewing the reporting requirements in terms of what the business requires and whether the solution is able to deliver on these requirements; and
  • Many other aspects.

Keywords: Business Process, Business Solution, Product Suite