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By: Call4care  11-11-2011
Keywords: Medical Care, Emergency Medical, Emergency Response

We have various products to suit your needs and all of them are underlined by our commitment to care for the elderly. Call4Care has also partnered with ER24, South Africa’s leading emergency medical care service provider who offer emergency response and medical care 24 hours a day to our clients.

  • This product is for those who wish to keep their independence, while still having the assurance that help is just a button-press away. Many elderly parents don’t want to disrupt the lives of their children by moving in with them and having to rely on them for everything. On the other hand, children don’t want to have the added stress of worrying about their elderly parents living at home alone but need to know that they are safe and can easily get the help they may need in any situation. Call4care can solve both of these challenges by providing a cost effective solution that will give clients complete peace of mind, catering for elderly safety, while keeping their children informed and re-assured at all times.

  • This product is specifically designed for group living environments. Using the latest technology, we have created one system to cater for all communication and panic button functionality, as opposed to the four systems that were previously needed to perform the same functions. This can be monitored on or offsite.

  • NurseCall is a wireless radio device that was created to provide support and reassurance to people living and working in nursing and residential homes. This enables nurses to stay on the move but still have the convenience of being alerted instantly in the event of an emergency, and able to respond immediately. This simple and reliable means of communication provides reassurance to the elderly and more freedom to nursing staff.

Keywords: Emergency Medical, Emergency Medical Care, Emergency Response, Medical Care, Panic Button