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Blast Freezing Rooms in Cape Town:
professionally Designed, Build, Installed and Serviced
by Marcold Refrigeration Company

About Blast Freezing:
Blast freezer room temperature range: -30°C  to  -40°C 

The distinction between freezing and blast freezing is the difference in the speed of the cooling
process and the subsequent improvements in the quality of the final product.  

The faster and better balanced the system is, the faster the center of the product will be frozen
and the smaller the variations in taste, color, odor, and feel of the product (organoleptic properties).

Faster treatment means that the chemical transformations which cause the loss of nutritional
value and organoleptic variations are halted, even right in the heart of the product (the last part to be frozen). The faster the freezing process, the lesser the chance of considerable alterations to the product caused by microbiological activity. 

Fast freezing also leads to the formation of micro ice-crystals, which leaves the tissue in a near-perfect condition since it occupies a volume slightly greater than the liquid substance from which it were formed.  This prevents loss of consistency, collapse and "sweating" during deep-freezing.

The deep-freezing process is more expensive than freezing (or hardening) as the extremely low final
temperature and the speed with which that temperature must be attained in the heart of product
require greater refrigerating power.

Blast freezing cannot be successfully achieved simply by adding more horsepower to a standard
freezer room. It requires careful engineering, taking into consideration:
 -    the product type
 -    the input temperature
 -    the load

Blast freezing can substantially reduce ones operating costs as blast freezers focuses the freezing
medium in a smaller space for a shorter period of time, thus less energy is required to accomplish
the given task.

With blast freezing the space required for storing the frozen product would be greatly reduced since
it can be tightly packed with much less concern for the airflow space required to initially freeze the

For their blast freezing applications/rooms, Marcold only uses NON-CFC refrigerants, environmental friendly and odorless gasses for Freon application.

Marcold's blast freezer room plant installations are custom-designed and custom-made to meet the exact needs of their client's refrigeration parameters and product requirements .

The result being, refrigeration plants which are:
- functioning optimally
- functioning continuously
- functioning cost effectively over an extended period of time
- all aimed at saving the client money in the long run.

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