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By: Uni-Cam (Pty) Ltd  10-22-2015
Keywords: Cnc Machines, Cnc Routers

The RFH30-20ATC Industrial Router is a heavy duty 2D and 3D industrial class CNC router (computerised cutting machine). The machine is an all-steel construction weighing approximately 1,800kg, and features an additional 1,200kg of sand weight added to the legs for stability. The additional weight forms a rigid and sturdy steel bed which is a significant factor in improving cut finish. Large pieces of material are secured to the bed for cutting. A steel tube (or gantry) between two movable steel legs on either side of the machine bed holds the cutting head which allows the machine to precision cut your specified design. While the router’s steel legs move along length of the machine, the platform carrying the cutting head moves across the width, and the cutting head itself moves up and down. Each moving part of the router is driven by precision servo motors, and these as well as the cutting spindles are available at varying degrees of speed and power. The machine is fully customizable – the bed can be built to size, and the height of the gantry is also flexible. Machines that have lower gantries are well-suited for cutting thin sheets (such as those used in signage). Higher gantries are used mostly for large format moulds, such as those used to produce the panels for cars, boats or aircraft. The RFH30-20ATC router is capable of cutting various materials, including all plastics, aluminium, wood, MDF and various composites. The router is given instructions via a tool path, and is able to cut complex designs according to the CAD file’s specifications. The machine performs equally well in creating flat 2D shapes such as signage letters and in cutting 3D forms to produce parts such as turbine components. The RFH30-20ATC Router has the necessary power to cut deeper and faster than our standard router – it is able to produce finished cuts up to three times faster than similar machines.

Keywords: Cnc Machines, Cnc Routers

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