LED Purifier

LED Purifier from Just Great Imports

By: Just Great Imports  10-10-2013
Keywords: Pet, led, Allergies

Our Purifiers Air Purifiers are very popular health and beauty appliances, they are ideal for offices, homes and children’s bedrooms. It is a wonderful gift for someone who suffers from contaminants in the air or just as a gift of “clean air” for a friends baby shower. We have two different purifiers, the standard purifier and our new LED range. They’re brilliant for children and they add a wonderful ambiance to the room. We are direct importers of the purifiers; as a result we are able to supply the purifiers at a much cheaper rate. It helps with the following: • Eliminates air-borne viruses and bacteria • Prevents mould and fungi growth • Removes pollen, dust from the air • Neutralizes malodours such as pets, smoke and paint fumes • Works well for Adults and children for chest decongestion • Great for Asthmatics • Helps with seasonal allergies • Moistens the air and helps with dry coughs How they work Unlike Air Humidifiers our purifiers give off a refreshing vapour rather than leaving the air moist and humid. The appliance gets filled with water; one can then add a fragrance of their liking, the water then gets gently swirled around releasing the added fragrance into the air. If one prefers not to add a fragrance the air simply gets refreshed and revitalised.

Keywords: Air Purifier, Allergies, Asthma, led, Pet, purifier