Fire Ball : South Africa

By: Fireball  11-11-2011
Keywords: Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguishing Balls extinguishes Class A, B and C Fires

Fire Extinguishing Ball is the worlds first self activating fire extinguisher Auto activates within 3-10 seconds once open flame(85 degrees) touches the ball

Fire Extinguishing Ball uses the same powder as a conventional fire extinguisher, mono ammonium phosphate.(91% MAP) Safe and nontoxic and non pollutant to food, rivers or the environment. It actually aids the environment and once expired can just be buried in your garden as a slow release fertilizer agent.

Fire Extinguishing Ball is non-toxic and cannot cause physical harm to humans, animals or your property.

Fire Extinguisher Ball Environmentally friendly, protects environment, limits carbon discharge during and after a fire and thus protects ozone layer.

Fire Extinguishing Ball has a lifespan of five (5) years, so you don't have to worry about recharging every year, your home is now protected for 5 years thus radically reducing input costs.

Fire Extinguishing Ball can be installed in those hard to get areas, e.g. inside roof next to geyser, or behind a pillar etc.

Fire Extinguishing Ball Aesthetically pleasing to an indoor environment compared to other tank like options.

Fire Extinguishing Ball drastically reduces pre-burn times

Fire Extinguishing Ball can be rolled or thrown into a fire and mounted above any flammable fire risk.

Fire Extinguishing Ball will sound an alarm of 120 decibels upon activation, warning you of a fire.

Fire Extinguishing Ball also comes with an easy to install wall mounted bracket

Fire Extinguishing Ball weighs only 1.3kg making it easier for elderly, children, physically handicapped people and woman to use. No training required.

Fire Extinguishing Ball has been designed for indoor use only

Keywords: Fire Extinguisher