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By: Autostart  11-11-2011
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Services provided by the VisiView Software cc and the Auto Startweb portal.

We have two distinct groups that we serve namely:- 

Website Owners Consumers and buyers
For website owners in the Auto motive and motoring industry having a website is one step towards having an online presence. The next step is to ensure your website is visible and getting passing traffic, which can be a very expensive process.    

The best and cheapest way to ensure that your website is being seen and getting a slice of the traffic is to ensure that it is listed on the Auto Start website, which is getting the traffic for thousands of different search terms.

Either text or banner links are provided and both have a brief description of the service or products being provided.

As Auto Start is consistently getting over 145 000 page views a month, opportunities are available for advertisers to sponsor individual pages or sections.

When you are looking for automotive and motoring related parts, and services, Auto Start presents the links to the websites related to your enquiry, in a structured and logical format, that will enable you to find the information required either by vehicle make, suburb, province, nature of service, within seconds.

This can save hours of research and repeated searches.

  • Specialists in the Automotive industry and related matters
  • We provide links to quality content that is relevant and valid.
  • Ensure a fast and above average response time when browsing the Auto Start site.

  • Happy to assist, advice and direct users with unusual requests. 

We have set up this portal with the above objectives in mind and proud to say that they have been achieved, in that we:-

  • We achieve high page positions for relevant search terms with the major search engines.

  • We will devote our energies to the success of Auto Start.

  • We will listen, take advice, modify, improve and be innovative on a continuous basis.

These services are effected on a commercial basis, where an annual fee is paid, in consideration for the service we provide. The exception being text links and links to any club, association or non commercial website, where the service is free of charge. In return for this annual fee, our obligation is to ensure that:

  • traffic to Auto Start is maximised. This is achieved by ensuring good rankings with search engines and by advertising the Auto Start site in the media and by entering into mutually beneficial alliances.

  • users experience a fast and above average response time when browsing the Auto Start site,

  • and that our clients get a return on their investment, which will vary from one client to the next, dependant on a number of factors, such as demand for service or products provided, relative competition in the area of activity, business location, and the effectiveness of their website, in converting traffic to sales, etc.

We are in a situation to report statistics of traffic referred to from Auto Start to the websites that we have provided links to. These statistics include date, time, link URL, the relevant referring page and the IP address of the browser.

Where preferred, and if so negotiated and fee based on CPC can be arranged and monthly reporting of these stats could be effected 

The services we provide are :

1. Website Promotion                                                      


  • Digicard (Electronic Business card)

Our rates for the various services are as follows and are subject to annual review.

All charges are payable on presentation of invoice, and VisiView cc reserves the right to remove any link from the Auto Start web portal as soon as any invoice remains outstanding for a period of 30 days or more.

The annual charge will only be raised if and when traffic levels justify the charge. The actual number of visits per page may vary from page to page depending on the nature of the sector, the degree of specialization and the popularity of the sector.

2. Other services

Review of Your Website

For a nominal fee we will review your website for technical compliance and provide a report which will enable improvements and corrections to be effected by your current web developer.

Promotional Specials

Clients Special Offers

If you offer specials from time to time, we have an area in which we can post these special offers, with a link to your website. Any advert with print media dimensions up to 260mm x 120mm, will be reproduced and published in this section, as a free of charge service.

We believe this may assist in attracting regular traffic to the Auto Start website, and if this is achieved, special offers will received good exposure on the internet.

Special Offers can be on new or used cars, Tyre and Mag combos or routine vehicle services, etc.

Spend your online advertising budget wisely. Compare website traffic for any website

Stats on Percent of global Internet users who visit a site and
Traffic Rank. (lower the number the higher the traffic)



Annual Charge

Excl VAT

Theseappear on the third or fourth tier of our drill down presentation. Note all third tier links are summarized and full detail is searchable by major search engines and may be returned in any search query. Fourth tier links include 600 characters of additional text that should describe the business as well as attempt to include as many keywords as possible in a grammatically correct statement of fact.

Establishment fee (once off ) 
Annual Fee


We will link to a banner, hosted on the target site or we will host the banner image on our site.

The banner must not exceed 600 x 150 pixels. (approximate)

Advantage for the website owner is that statistics on banner shows and the number of visits referred from Auto Start can be tracked, which gives more accurate stats on the conversion rate.

Establishment fee (once off )
Discount on Establishment fee for prompt decisions and payment - within 10 days
Annual Fee



If the client is involved in more than one area of business and a single link will not do justice to the nature of the business, additional links (Text or Banner) may be requested in another area. These links should be fully motivated and due consideration to the merits will be given. VisiView Software cc reserves the right to decline any such request at it's own and sole discretion.

Volume discounted rate for each additional link.


50% Discount on each additional link

Banner links can be negotiated and billed monthly poa

This would be the digital equivalent of a quarter page advert in a printed magazine, but can be as big as a full page.

The annual fee and origination costs are payable,  on publication.

Please note that our Digicard pages are indexed and are returned in relevant Google searches.

Origination of Digicard (once off) 

Annual Cost of Hosting the page.



We are looking for page sponsors and a site sponsor. In either case the preferred client would be active in the automotive industry as a service provider. As a page sponsor the client should not be a direct competitor of those listed on the page.

Rates are to be negotiated in terms of both rate and period and will depend of the method and traffic levels achieved by the page/s.

By Negotiation

Some websites need to be updated on a regular basis, such as cars for sale or parts on special etc.

We have tools that will simplify and control the process in a few simple steps. Once operational, no specific expertise or costs need be incurred to update your website as often as you desire, but more importantly you will be able to manage and quality control the content, before it is published on the web.

The system requirements will vary from one client to the next, so please feel free to discuss your requirements and we will quote on a solution.

As per quotation

Keywords: Auto, Automotive Industry, Search Engines

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