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By: Soho Computer Systems  11-11-2011
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Soho Computer Systems supplies a wide range of products at very affordable costs including, Notebooks/Laptops,  PDAs/Handhelds, Tablet PCs, Desktop PCs and Workstations, Servers and Thin Clients. We also supply Printers,  Scanners, Monitors, SAN, NAS and Tape Storage Devices and Uninterruptable Power Supplies.

Our wide range of accessories include Motherboards, CPUs, Memory, Graphics Adapters, Modems, Hard Drives, CDROM Drives, CD Writers/Re-Writers, DVD ROM Drives, DVD Writers/Re-Writers, External Drives, Desktop and Server Chassis, Power Supply Units, SCSI Adapters and RAID Solutions.


Mice and Keyboards, Sound Cards, Multimedia, Joysticks, Steering Wheels and Game Pads, LAN Adapters, Switches, Hubs, Routers, Print Servers, Firewalls, Wireless, IEEE-1394(Firewire) and Bluetooth Peripherals.


We also have a wide range of Operating System, Security, Application and Development Software, as well as a variety of Books and Manuals to complement the Software available.


Keywords: Servers

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We are experienced in the full range of software solutions, from customized Microsoft Office macros to full-scale software development using Microsoft Visual Studio .Net. Establish a regular service plan where we will regularly optimize your system for peak performance and install latest software upgrades and anti-virus protection. Wire and install your Local Area Network including all cabling, routers, firewalls, servers, and network cards.