Capetonians Get Out of Town With Your Children and Dogs for the World Cup

Capetonians Get Out of Town With Your Children and Dogs for the World Cup from McGregor Country Cottages

By: McGregor Country Cottages  04-07-2010
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Child-friendly accommodation and pet-friendly accommodation to stay at and use as a base during the World Cup . . words from one of our guests "Thank you Margie and Barry for a wonderful stay in McGregor this week.  I wish we'd been able to stay longer and am wondering if is possible to do so during the World Cup.  Alice and I came up together for the week as you know with Ned and Lu.  Lu's cousing joined her.   I couldn't believe the freedom for the two eight year olds . . they walked and rode their bikes to the shop every day on their own.  At first I was nervous because I am used to the city where we couldn't possibly do that security wise, but then noticed that everyone does it.  They soon bumped into another child, also about 8 years old who joined them in their missioning around the village - we actually discovered we knew the parents and they came for a drink with us.       

They seemed happy with so little and not once did they say "Mum, I'm bored!".  The best part of it was that the most it cost me was money for a few chappies and an icecream.  Ned soon found a mate Lyle (i think he was 12) and they played cricket on the lawns together, also rode their bikes around - i made a rule that they had to be back by 6pm.  It was so awesome for them to be having good clean fun in such a beautiful environment. 

As you know, Fudge was initially a bit unsure what with all the space to run around in, but soon settled down and loved it.  He ran around outside chasing butterflies and seemed really happy.  I celebrate you guys for creating the ideal free and safe environment for children and dogs.  I suppose its not only your McGregor Country Cottages that does it, it's the McGregor Village that lends itself to good clean and safe living.

Alice and I sat up late outside having a braai and talking under the clear Karoo sky - something we haven't done in a long time.  What a pleasure.  We bought a couple of bottles of the delicious local Sauvignon Blanc.  I bought a couple of cases on the way home.

We loved it so much, we wondered whether you would consider a special deal for us if we came and stayed with you during the World Cup.  We have let out our house for the soccer and are looking for somewhere nice and wholesome to stay during June/July.  Your place is so pet and child friendly we thought it would be awesome.  We could use it as a base and do day trips and visit places in the area over the month.  Looking forward to hearing from you, Mac.

So if you are looking for a during the World Cup then get hold of us now.  McGregor Village and McGregor Country Cottages is a child-friendly and pet-friendly place for you to take cover while all hell is breaking loose in the City . . escape to the country during the World Cup for a wholesome, relaxing and enjoyable family experience

Keywords: cottages to rent for the world cup, country properties for sale,