Choosing a South African Office Furniture Supplier

Choosing a South African Office Furniture Supplier from K-mark

By: K-mark  10-02-2014
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Buying office furniture can be as simple as walking into a store, pointing out items (whether new or second-hand) and handing over the cash. If you want to make sure that your investment pays off, however, it’s best to put a bit more thought into the process.

Finding a good office furniture supplier can make all the difference when it comes to buying office furniture that will suit your needs and still be attractive and in good working order long into the future.

Experience and ability to give good advice

An office furniture supplier with sufficient experience and expertise should be able to do more than just sell you furniture. The company’s representatives should be able to help you choose the appropriate furniture for your needs, giving advice on the types and models that are available and on factors like durability, ergonomics and ease of cleaning. They should also be able to organize hassle-free delivery at a time that suits you.

Installation services

Whether you need to kit out a small meeting room or an entire office floor, it’s important not to underestimate the work, time and potential disruption involved in setting up office furniture once it has been delivered to your premises. For this reason, it’s a good idea to make sure that the supplier you choose can handle the installation process for you.

Not all South African office furniture suppliers handle furniture installation, so it’s important to ask about this.

Warranty and after-sales support

Any vendor is likely to be supportive and helpful before you’ve made a purchase – but what about once the deal has been closed?

For example, what will happen if a table leg is chipped or broken during delivery to your premises, or if you find that a screw is missing from an office chair you ordered? What if the mechanism for adjusting the height of a chair breaks after two months?

It’s vital to find out whether an office furniture supplier provides warranties. Preferably, opt for a vendor who offers warranties in excess of a year. This isn’t just to make sure that you’ll be helped if things go wrong; it’s also a sign that the office furniture you’re buying is of good quality. Unscrupulous vendors don’t offer long warranties on items they know won’t stand up to normal use over the long term.

It’s also important to consider whether an office furniture supplier provides after-sales service. Try to find out how quickly and reliably a South African supplier handles warranty repairs. Ask directly what will occur in the event of a defect or problem, and how long repairs typically take. You can also ask a supplier for references and do a quick check for any reviews on the internet.


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