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By: Roofroom  11-11-2011
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Roof Room consults with an architectural company who will provide plans for approval. Various design options are available depending on the style and layout of your home. Some concepts are featured in the gallery section of this site.

Roof Room artisans are qualified and professional and maintain a very high standard in quality. They understand the choice and use of materials and the importance of proper application.

With Loft Ladder Attic Stair Systems

  • User friendly, allows you hidden but ready access to your loft.
  • Create more cubic meters of storage space for all those boxes by extending the floor deck in your roof
  • Now you can utilize the garage-sized storage space that has always been available in your roof.
  • Easy installation in your home or outbuildings without mess or fuss.
  • Eliminate damage to walls and furniture caused by awkward ladders
  • Ensure personal safety by getting permanent access to storage from within your own home
  • Belongings stored under your roof are covered by household insurance and kept out of sight

A no obligation call will lead to OUT OF SIGHT your discovery of new QUICK TO REACH dimensions of inner space.

  • Keeping landings clear of obstruction, taking-up no floor area.
  • Loft Ladder slides out of sight when not in use.
  • Loft Ladders is easy to instal.

« Rear Dormer

A rear dormer creates a square end to the back of your house and has a flat roof. This creates a substantial amount of extra floor space and height. It is possible on most terraced and semi detached properties, and allows a greater choice of rooms within the loft space. It is often possible to construct a dormer without gaining planning permission.

« Front Dormer\ Side DormerThese are smaller dormers constructed to be in-keeping with your property. A side dormer is used to replace a hip to gable construction when planning is required.« Hip to GableThis involves changing the sloping side of your property, the ‘hipped side’, to a flat, gable end, creating a much bigger loft room and often creating space for the staircase. This type of construction is normally only possible where planning permission is not required« MansardThis is another construction to the rear of your property which has a flat roof, however, the back wall slopes inwards at an angle of 72 degrees and windows are housed in small dormers. Normally constructed where planning permission is required or your property falls into a conservation area« VeluxWith this type of construction the roof line is unaltered and a room is simply created in your existing loft space. This type of conversion lends itself to Victorian style houses and is often used if Planning Permission is required.

Keywords: Dormer, Loft Ladder, Planning Permission, roof