CB Personality Profiler

CB Personality Profiler from Adfen Software

By: Adfen Software  02-08-2010
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The system was developed first in 1988 and subsequently enhanced.  It originally merely aimed to mark the test and present the results in a neat form thereby obviating the use of masks.  Subsequent versions have incorporated more interpretation and this version produces a number of different reports for use in various contexts.

The CB Personality Profiler captures, marks, normalises and interprets forms A, E and SA92 of the 16 Personality Factors questionnaire.  In addition, it is capable of compiling standard profiles based on primary factor scores and matching individual tests to these profiles.  All reports can be printed and all data entered can be saved to specific files on your computer.

System Requirements
A PC-AT 486DX-2 or better with 32Mb of main memory running Windows 95 or higher.  The system resides in under 10 Mb of hard drive space (exclusive of  any data files which are user created).


Keywords: Software