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By: Joom  11-11-2011

This innovative and unusual bookcase is in the shape of a life-sized cow. It is solidly constructed and set onto durable wooden castors. It works well as a room divider in multifunctional spaces, where it can provide storage for both office and living spaces while creating a break between the two. Mooj is a guaranteed conversation piece, and the humour inherent in both the name [Joom backwards] and the design itself are sure to amuse. An alternative for smaller spaces is Mini Mooj, which stands just over a metre high.

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Springbuck Ride-On Toy | Products | Work

The Springbuck is an innovative and interesting alternative to standard wooden rocking horses, which is great because children’s toys so often end up in the living room and other ‘adult’ spaces. The Springbuck is a powerful South African icon, and it appeals to both local pride here at home as well as having a definite SA flavour in the rest of the world.


Animirrors - Impala | Products | Work

Their wooden frames are available in a range of six light-hearted styles like the Bunny, the Impala and the Kudu - and when you see yourself reflected you appear to be crowned with their long silky ears or spiky horns. The Animirrors are a fun range of wall mirrors which appeal to kids and adults alike.