Basic Program

Basic Program from Weight Loss Worx 4 U

By: Weight Loss Worx 4 U  06-05-2010
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2 x Nutritional Protein Drink Mix

1 x Fibre Herb

1 x Multivitamin

Nutritional Protein Drink Mix

Protein-rich, derived from the finest Soy Protein Isolate

Low in calories 200 -250 cal per serving

Formula 1 is the ideal meal replacement due to its high nutritional value and low calorie format

Rich in vitamins and minerals, including anti-oxidant Vitamins A, C and E, which can help fight free radical oxygen molecules, thus protecting your body

Low in saturated and unsaturated fat

An easily absorbed source of balanced nutrition

Provides high quality dietary fibre

Easy and convenient to make

Use Shaker Set or your blender for more interesting shakes, providing variety to your dietary intake

For Weight Loss:

Forget calorie counting by replacing 2x meals per day, equating to 400 – 500 calories in superior nutritional value.

Have a 3 meal of your choice, simply cut back on portion sizes and opt for a colourful meal of veggies and protein.

Fibre & Herb Supplement

Cleanses the small intestine and aids in better absorption of nutrition

Fibre is known to modulate the passage of food through the body whilst assisting with the elimination of waste and toxins

Optimises digestive health when used in conjunction with Formula 1 Protein Drink Mix


Provides over 20 Vitamins & Minerals essential for balanced nutrition and good health

Contains calcium and vitamin D to promote normal bone structure

Includes zinc to support a healthy immune system

Contains Vitamin B to help support energy metabolism

Provides anti-oxidant Vitamin C & E for the protection of cells against free radical damage

Keywords: Health & Nutrition, lose weight, weight management