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By: Inner Fruits  11-11-2011
Keywords: Amino Acids

No preservatives, colourants, artificial substances, gluten, lactose (cow’s milk) and casein (cows protein) in any of our products

High Potency (20% and not 7%) of herbs used

(Olive leaf Extract in Micro-sweep and Olive- immune )

High Density amino acids (in Neurest)

Live flora used (Acidophilus / bifidoflora in AB-lactics)

Elemental values on lable (that which can be absorped by human body – as in Mineral-wise, Vitamin C, Oxygen-wise, Nutrivive shake)

All nutrients in available form (All 22 amino acids, all vitamins, all minerals in Nutrivive shake 3000)

No preservatives , colourants, artificial ingredients in Protect cream

In vegetable capsules – not gelatin – see below! Disgest better

Our work on the physical body is integrated with the works by Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Be anointed in the truths of the One and Only God we can choose to serve!

Book: The Anointing of the Royal Priest and Bride

Keywords: Amino Acids

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Micro-sweep | Products

Contents * Taheebo * Grapefruit seed extract * Artemisia annua * Artemisia absynthium * Artemisia africana * Oleuropein * Echinacea angustifolia * Clove Usage One to three capsules, one to three times per day as directed by a healthcare professional. MICRO-SWEEP is also a helpful natural product against chronic fatigue, colds, chronic infections, skin problems and problems of the large intestine.


AB-lactics | Products

Take with MICRO-SWEEP and/or OLIVE-IMMUNE and follow our suggested diet as a detoxification programme for 4 - 8 weeks. Lactic acid bacteria - Acidophilus (9 billion cfu per capsule) and Bifidobacterium. Take against diarrhea (4 capsules per day).