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Subject Choice and Career Guidance from Deon Beets Psychometrist

By: Deon Beets Psychometrist  08-28-2014
Keywords: Personal Development, Career Guidance, Psychometric Testing

CAREER GUIDANCE ASSESSMENT I offer a comprehensive Career Guidance Assessment Service to the learners in order for them to make informed decisions regarding career choices and choices for tertiary study and for informed subject choice decisions at the end of Grade 9. The reccommendations made in this assessment is based on the learner’s results on a battery of assessment instruments which assessess personality, interests, aptitudes and values. Oliver Swett Marsden hit the nail on the head when he made the following statement : “The worst days of those who enjoy what they do, are better than the best days of those who don’t” The comprehensive Career Guidance Assessment consist of the following Psychometric instruments : • Jung Personality Questionnaire (JPQ) The JPQ is similar to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and identifies a learner’s personality preferences along 4 dichotomies :  Extraversion – Introversion (Directedness of Energy)  Sensing – Intuition (Taking in of information)  Thinking – Feeling (Decision-making)  Judging – Perceiving (Orientation to the external world) • South African Vocational Interest Inventory (SAVII) The learner’s 3-letter Occupational Interest code is identified, consisting of the highest 3 scoring interest fields (rank ordered) from the following :  R – Practical Realistic  I – Scientific Investigative  C – Conventional (i.e. administrative, secretarial etc.)  A – Artistic  E – Enterprising (i.e. commerce)  S – Social Services The SAVII is based on Holland’s Theory of Occupational Codes. • Differential Aptitude Tests Form S or L, indicating a learners potential aptitude in the following fields :  Vocabulary  Verbal Reasoning  Non-Verbal Reasoning  Calculations  Reading Comprehension  Comparison (Clerical)  Price Controlling  Spatial Visualization  Mechanical Insight  Memory • Value Scales This assessment yields the following report for the learner : • A comprehensive description of the learner’s personality preferences based on their four letter Jungian personality type • The Learner’s 3 letter interest code, which can consist of a combination of the following global interest fields :  Practical Realistic  Scientific Investigative  Artistic  Social Services  Business and Management  Clerical Administrative • A complete Aptitude Profile which identifies the learner’s strong aptitudes. • A report indicating the most important work values a learner would strive towards in a working environment. • A combined report in which recommendations for possible careers and tertiary study opportunities (as well as subject choices for Grade 9 learners) are identified, as well as short descriptions of recommended careers from the O-NET website. All recommendations are based on assessment results with consideration of the relevant background information. Kind regards Deon Beets

Keywords: Career Counselling, Career Guidance, Personal Development, Psychometric Testing, subject choice

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