Website Hosting

By: Jam Factory  11-11-2011

We have a dedicated server with Hetzner and guarantee minimum down time for all our web hosting clients.

DISC SPACE: 50MB 300MB 1 024MB (1GB) 2 048MB (2GB) 3 072MB (3GB)
TRAFFIC USAGE: 300MB 500MB 700MB 1 024MB (1GB) 3 072MB (3GB)
EXTRA TRAFFIC FEE: 12c per MB 10c per MB 8c per MB 5c per MB 2.5c per MB
FTP ACCOUNT: 1 1 2 3 5
E-MAIL ACCOUNTS: 2 10 25 50 100
EXTRA E-MAIL ACCOUNTS:  N/A R20pm / 5 x Accounts R20pm / 5 x Accounts R20pm / 5 x Accounts R10pm / 5 x Accounts
DATABASE: None None 1 2 2
MONTHLY COST: R30 R50 R99 R140 R250

To put it plain and simple:

-  If you just use your e-mails and maybe have a splash page (no active website), the Starter Package would be best.

-  If you have two domain names (URLs), but they both access the same website, you would put the one that redirects on the Starter Package.

-  If you sell products through your e-commerce website (where clients also pay online), you need to go for the Awesome Package.