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By: GoMobi South Africa  09-05-2012
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Domain names are the identifier of all websites on the Internet. If you want to be found on the Internet – you need a domain name. So if you are called Johnny Walker Attorneys, you need a domain name like www.johnywalker.co.za or www.jwalkerattorneys.co.za or something similar. This is great for all traditional websites – and for creating websites that people are going to view on PC's or laptops. But what happens when someone tries to look at your website on a mobile phone? If a potential client urgently needs to find a criminal attorney or a gusest house or a restaurnat and they are seeking on their phone for help. Will they be able to find the right information about your business using their mobile phone? Today the domain name you need is a .mobi domain, reserved exclusively for mobile websites. .MOBI is revolutionizing the use of the Internet on mobile devices. When a site ends with a ".MOBI" address mobile users can be sure that they will access a site that works on their phone. In 2010, mobile analytics firm Bango reported a 600% growth in traffic to mobile websites, based on a study of 50 million phone users worldwide. According to Bango CEO Ray Anderson, "The single most important app on any mobile device is the browser" to visit mobile websites. And contrary to what you may think from the many Apple ads you likely see, the best selling phone manufacturers globally are Nokia, Blackberry and then Apple, proving again that mobile websites are the most valuable and efficient way for businesses to reach customers via the mobile Web. DotMobi, the promoters of mobi websites worldwide, is quickly closing in on one million .MOBI domains registered, with that number continuing to grow. .MOBI is now at their highest-ever number in the name base and are poised to be only the sixth gTLD to reach one million domains under management. Many well-known brands are hopping on the .MOBI bandwagon, including AT&T, Blackberry, Five Guys restaurants, JCPenney, Simon and Schuster, and even the city of London. .MOBI gives consumers:  Choice on how and when they access the internet  Freedom from desktops & laptops, and the freedom to take the net wherever they go  The ability to stay connected wherever they are because .MOBI sites work on all mobile phones  Access to information you need, where and how they need it There are billions of mobile phones in use around the world and it's estimated that 60% of consumers worldwide have access to the Internet via their mobile phone. Mobile Internet use is on the rise and only .MOBI domains say to Internet users that the site they are visiting is designed for use on a mobile device. In South Africa, goMobi (www.gomobi.co.za) is leading the move from traditional websites to mobile optimised websites. What a goMobi site gives a legal firm is a site which has all the most important information from their existing website in a format which is accessible to mobile devices. No legal firm can afford to not have a mobile .mobi site to increase their reach to potential clients on the move. Even if the mobi site is just used to drive traffic to the standard website. And remember – having a traditional (.co.za) website as well as a .mobi site doubles the impact of your site on Google. Google acknowledges both sites and gives the website a higher rating in it's search engines. Lex Faure Internet Guru

Keywords: .mobi, gomobi, mobile website, mobile marketing, south africa, mobile phone

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