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By: Sandown Bay Security CC ( [email protected] )  04-10-2009
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   P.S.I.R.A. Rag No 0681331 This leaflet covers the basic components of your security system and tries to explain the functions of the various devices we will use in securing your premises.  It covers our guarantees, monitoring facilities and other general information.   MASTER CONTROL UNIT (Alarm Processor) The box or panel, as the control processor unit is known, is a state-of-the-art electronic mini-computer designed to meet all the latest requirements of the insurance and security industries. It has programmable hardware to enable us to tailor it to your premises and your requirements. In addition to tailoring the alarm components to your specific needs, different user (PIN) codes are programmed to identify you and your authorized key holders on our security network. The Unit is self-diagnostic and relays system problems, arm / disarm status, system test etc to the monitoring Control Centre continuously. To link your premises with the Sandown Bay Security Control Centre we use a state of the art Radio Transmitter which can transmit 250 encryptions (pieces of information) from your alarm panel to our computers on a secure radio frequency.  Information such as the identification of up to 16 Authorized Key holders (PIN Codes), specific reporting on 32 identified security zones for Alarm / Bypass / Restore, A/C power loss & restore, low battery etc keep us fully informed as to the security status of your home or business. All this information is continuously updated automatically from your security system to our 24 hr Monitoring Control Centre in Kleinmond every minute & every second of every day. In the event of a power failure the system is supported by a rechargeable backup battery.  The battery will continue to provide power to the system for approximately ten hours.  This condition is also reported to the control room.  When your mains power is restored the battery will recharge fully. KEYPAD OPERATION The entire system is operated via a high security keypad.  This attractive, easy to operate keypad is ideally situated indoors near your main exit / entry point ( Front door ) or in the passage between the bedrooms.  This eliminates the need to go to a closet or other “hiding place” to perform special functions normally required by less sophisticated alarms systems still marketed.  The keypad can arm / disarm your alarm, activate  emergency buttons ( Panic, Medical, Fire. ) or carry out a host of other functions. To arm or disarm the system you simply enter your four-digit PIN code. The sophisticated FSK 5x radio transmitter will relay this information almost instantaneously to the Sandown Bay Security Control Centre. Our range of imported alarm systems are designed to cater for all possible configurations of security  and access control requirements.   PERIMETER PROTECTION To cover the perimeter of your premises, we recommend the use of high quality security Beams and or specifically designed outdoor Passive Infrared Motion Detectors. If inferior products are used or if  ‘interior ‘ products are modified to be used outside you can be guaranteed of “ false Alarms “ which are not only irritating but also become a security risk. INTERIOR PROTECTION Interior protection is most effectively carried out by PASSIVE INFRA-RED Motion Detectors (PIR).  A PIR detects a change in temperature , combined with movement in order to trigger an alarm. Therefore a human being moving into a room will activate it.  Insects or curtains ‘ blowing in the wind ‘ will override the temperature requirement if, for instance, the insect is detected on or near the PIR lens, or in the case of curtains if the motion is vigorous. Once again the rule of thumb is you get what you pay for – we do not supply or install budget products because these inevitably cause false alarms. ( The full range of alarm components installed by Sandown Bay Security are covered by a two year exchange warranty )   REMOTE CONTROL OPERATION Your system can also be controlled by our state of the art remote activators, which utilize the latest encryption technology. The system can be fully armed, stay armed and disarmed, there is a panic facility and your garage door can also be opened and closed with the same remote transmitter. PANIC BUTTON Fixed panic buttons are normally installed at key locations, and can be positioned  wherever you may require them.  In the event of the panic button being activated, the siren will go off and a signal will be sent to the Sandown Bay Security Control Room. All panic buttons operate on a dedicated 24-hour circuit, ie. The PANIC function is active irrespective of the status of the alarm system. If you have inadvertently triggered a PANIC signal – PLEASE  phone the Sandown Bay Security Control Room and CANCEL the RESPONSE  ( 028 ) 271 5633 MONITORING ARMED RESPONSE Should an alarm be triggered at your premises our Control Room personnel will analyse the information and then :- i.)                   Despatch the relevant Armed Response Unit. ii.)                  Phone you if necessary.                                                                                     . If you have accidentally triggered your alarm you will automatically CANCEL the response to your property by keying in your Security PIN Code within  one minute. ( We assume that your  PIN CODE is secure at all times – this is your responsibility ) We would obviously appreciate a phone call from you to the Control Centre confirming the status of the event  - We have a policy of NOT applying annual tariff increases to the accounts of security conscious clients who minimise unnecessary reactions to their premises.   The Sandown Bay Security Control Centre utilizes the most modern equipment currently available internationally.   GUARANTEE All products supplied and installed by Sandown Bay Security CC are covered by a 24 month exchange warranty and we back this up with our own 12 mth installation warranty   SIGNBOARDS We will erect up to 2 signboards, stating that your premises are protected by our system or systems.  These boards include our 24hr contact number and your identification on our system.  Additional boards are available for a small fee. PAYMENT Monthly Monitoring and Armed Response fees are due in advance and we recommend that you make use of our hassle free automatic debiting facility. CONCLUSION Once the alarm system has been installed you will receive basic training in its use. During the first two weeks you will be listed as a new client at the 24hr control room and will receive assistance as such. This orientation period also serves as an opportunity to finally tailor the alarm system to your specific requirements As a final though –  By opting for the Sandown Bay Security solution you have ensured that top of the range imported products will be used in your security installation ( The hardware has been supplied and installed at cost price so that your property is completely secured with no possible access points left un protected )  Your alarm system will report comprehensively to a matched Control Centre which has been designed to accept full reporting from the outset.                                                        ******************************************

Keywords: Security

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