By: SABFICO   11-26-2016
Keywords: Restaurant, Photographic Services, Computer Software

ELFSO Restaurant & Internet Café is a youth Civilizing project operating on our local communities, ensuring information technology is on our step-doors, was established on July 2013 by (MD) Jabulani Skade (23). The Business is offering customers with IT Services, Food & Beverages, Photo Shop & Certified Public Accountant. IT SERVICES: Used Computer Sales, Computer Repair, Software Installation/Update, Typing & Printing, Fax, Scan, Email, Internet Surfing (Wi-Fi is available), Mobile App & Updates etc. FOOD & BEVERAGES: Gatsby, Fries, Sandwiches, Pies, Soft-drinks, Snacks, All Pre-Paid, Braai Meat etc. PHOTO SHOP: Photo Frame Sales, Photo Enlargements, Photo Combination, ID & Passport Photos, Words Photo Framed, Graphic Design. CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT SERVICES: Company Registration, Company Amendments, Tax Clearance, Annual Returns, Financials, BEE Certificate, Accounting software, Share Certificate etc

Keywords: Computer Repairs, Computer Software, Email, fax, IT Solutions, Photo Shop, Photographer, Photographic Services, Restaurant, Virus Removal