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By: Reputation Matters  11-11-2011

Reputation Matters offers a specialist communications audit service for organisations wanting to ensure the best possible fit between their business and communication strategies and outputs.

A detailed analysis of your organisation’s stakeholders is done to determine what their current relationship is with your organisation. Your organisation’s current marketplace, desired brand positioning, messaging as well as strategic goals will also be taken into consideration when collating all the information for the audit. The audit will identify any gaps that may exist in the current communication efforts.

You will be presented with a thorough strategy and way forward to maximise all relevant channels of communication, to the right stakeholder group, with the most powerful messages to enhance your organisation’s corporate reputation. A communications audit is a powerful basis from which to re-focus your brand and communications activity, as well as to develop strategies for organisational change.

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Public Relations & Event Management

Reputation Matters has also designed and managed a diverse range of events, from large-scale public rallies to intimate gatherings of professionals; from exhibitions at international conferences to corporate exhibitions. This is achieved by targeting select audiences and ensuring that the message is effective for each stakeholder group; thus maximising your corporate reputation.


Crisis Communication Management | Reputation Matters

A crisis communication policy needs to be in place setting out the rules of who needs to communicate what to whom, using the most appropriate channel of communication. It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation,and only one bad one to lose it.BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. Reputation Matters will assist your organisation to develop a detailed crisis communication plan. It is crucial for any organisation to be prepared for any crisis or disaster.