That Time of the Year - Exam De-stressing

By: Inner Peace Healing  11-07-2012
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Its that time of the year when feathered families arrive in the garden. From my study window I can see Mr and Mrs Goose and their 8 goslings. This is their third family to be raised in the garden.  I've lost count of the number of guinea fowl families raised - right now there are 2 families. It fascinates me watching the different parenting styles of the geese and the guinea fowls.  There is considerable discipline in the Goose family - one command from Mr or Mrs and the goslings fall in line.  The Guineas seems to follow a new age parenting style where no one really seems to be in control and every one talks at the same time and I wonder if anyone is heard.  Whatever the parenting style one can't but notice that they are a family unit. Its also that time of year for exams - and it seems to affect the whole human family.  There are 2 types of stress - “distress” and “eustress”. We’ve come to associate the word stress with distress - when things get to be simply too much. This is when stress is distressing - and we don’t need it in our lives - the thought of studying and exams makes one freeze.. Then there is eustress - the good stress. The stress that makes us strive for more and drives us to go on - to keep studying to achieve good results. Since its that time of the year the November focus is on making exams as dis-stress free as possible.  We'll begin the session with Transformational Kinesiology - identifying and removing any fears or blocks about studying and writing exams.  Then end off the session with an Indian Head Massage, combined with Reiki and Quantum Touch - releasing the tension in the head, neck and shoulders. So one leaves feeling wonderfully relaxed - with a bit of eustress - ready to study and write exams. Exam De-stressing Session  Transformational Kinesiology & Indian Head Massage R250 - 60 minutes or R350 - 90 minutes Come to the session with what is causing anxiety with studying or writing exams.  Or it could be something else that is on the mind that is standing in the way of focusing attention. With love Robyn PS No matter how relaxed you get with the de-stressing session - I can't help you pass unless you've done the hard work of the study hours :-)

Keywords: healing, Indian Head Massage, Kinesiology, Massage Services, Quantum Touch, Reiki, Transformational Kinesiology