By: Inner Peace Healing  06-10-2012
Keywords: Reiki, hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression

Hypnotherapy sessions at Inner Peace Healing takes one in a deep state of relaxation using a guided meditation. From there one moves into a hypnotic trance. In the trance state the subconscious is able to release emotions and beliefs that no longer serve one and replace them with responses and beliefs that enable one to lead a more fulfilling and peaceful life. If needed hypnotherapy can be complemented with Transformational Kinesiology and reiki. Hypnotherapy can be used to assist in dealing with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, traumas, loosing weight, improved confidence - any where is your life where you know that things can be better. Hypnotherapy is also used for past life regression sessions.

Keywords: Guided Meditation, hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Reiki, Transformational Kinesiology

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